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Pokemon Unbound

Play the Pokemon Unbound game online for free. The GBA emulator allows you to play Pokemon Unbound directly in the browser.


GBA Emulator Controls

  • up arrow
  • down arrow
  • left arrow
  • right arrow
  • X
  • =
  • A
  • Z
  • =
  • B
  • A
  • =
  • L
  • D
  • =
  • R
  • Enterenter button
  • =
  • Start

  • Shiftenter
  • =
  • Select

Play Pokemon Unbound game online

Unfortunately, not all online emulators have 100% success emulation rate. If this game doesn't load for you you can try one of the alternative emulators below:

NeptunJS(current) | EmulatorJS | Webretro

Pokemon Unbound Gameplay

Pokemon Unbound is an exciting RPG game that explores the forgotten Borrius region, a place filled with rich history and unique locations. As a player, you are tasked to live your childhood dream and journey through an all new Pokemon Universe that is under siege by evil powers.

Interactive World

In Pokemon Unbound, players can interact with the world in many ways, including digging for fossils or mining for treasures. The map is divided into several towns, cities, and routes, where the player can embark on various quests and challenges. This game immerses players in a completely immersive world full of charismatic characters with interesting narratives.

Role-playing Elements

Pokemon Unbound offers engaging gameplay with plenty of RPG elements. It contains over 800 Pokemon for players to catch and train, with each Pokemon having its unique strengths and weaknesses. Players can assemble their unique team of Pokemon, trying out different combinations to compete against other trainers in the game, and ultimately become a Pokemon Master.

Battle Frontier

A crucial aspect of Pokemon Unbound is the Battle Frontier, where players get to face powerful trainers. With five battle facilities, each with its unique battles, players can push their Pokemon to the limit. The more victories you get, the higher your rank becomes, earning you great rewards.

Story Progression

Unlike other Pokemon games, your choices in Pokemon Unbound affect the story's progression. Scattered throughout the Borrius Region are Dark workers, part of a sinister organization that aims to resurrect a legendary Pokemon to dominate the world. Your decisions will determine whether you can thwart their plans and save the region.

Customizations and Difficult Settings

Pokemon Unbound offers customization options that add a unique flair to the gameplay. Players can customize their character's appearance. Additionally, players can adjust the difficulty settings depending on their preference, ranging from Easy, Normal, to Insane mode. This increases replayability and challenges even seasoned Pokemon trainers.

Key Quest Feature

The game has a Key Quest feature that directs the players to their next destination or objective. The players can also accept side quests from various characters in the game, which rewards them with valuable items and adding depth and richness to the gameplay and the game's universe.