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Nintendo DS was an iconic console that drew attention all over the world, and despite being discontinued, it lives on with the right Nintendo DS emulator online and a few ROMs for gamers' favorite Nintendo DS games.

To play NDS games doesn’t mean you need to own the console. Instead, the emulation software will replicate the operating system, meaning you can play the best Nintendo DS games on a completely different platform, whether it be a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Using an emulator for Nintendo DS Lite games is not all about bringing back good memories. It’s not just about the nostalgic feeling. Instead, more and more youngsters seem to appreciate getting in on the act, dying to experience some classic old school NDS games.

It makes no difference what category you're in. Bring back the hype and enjoy some retro NDS games on your favorite platform. These days, you can find emulators for smartphones, tablets, and classic computers.

As for the top Nintendo DS games out there, your options are countless, whether it comes to world renowned releases or less popular options. The NDS games list stands out with its variety, so there’s definitely something for every game out there.

About Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS is among the most successful platforms ever released. The foldable handheld device was produced and released over 2004 and 2005 and re-released in 2012 as part of Nintendo 3DS and came with quite a few useful innovations.

For instance, it was the first handheld console to feature two different LCD screens, which could also work in tandem for certain games. The second screen at the bottom worked like a touchscreen.

Furthermore, while it may seem simple if you use an NDS emulator online, the original console also had a built-in microphone.

In terms of connectivity, you had wireless connectivity, but this connectivity went even further and didn’t require an actual connection. Simply put, more Nintendo DS consoles could directly interact over multiplayer games by using a Wi-Fi network over a short range, without the need to connect to it.

The console was released at different times throughout the world, with the original release at the end of November, 2004. It was released in Europe in March, 2005.

Overtime, excluding NDS emulator games and official games, Nintendo DS models sold more than 154 million units altogether, making it the best selling Nintendo system ever, as well as the best-selling handheld console.

It dominated the market for a long time, considering the next generation was released in 2011. And despite new releases, it’s still incredibly popular today. While many users still use the Nintendo DS online, the truth is you can now use a Nintendo DS online emulator for games you don’t have physically.

You don’t even need the actual platform to replicate its operating system and play NDS online games.

Featuring 4MB of RAM, the console was considered a real innovation back then. It came in two variants with two different CPU systems, one boosting 33MHz and the other one featuring 67MHz.

Storage was decent back then, but it would be considered completely useless today. The cartridge save wasn’t impressive, while the 256Kb flash memory couldn’t hold much.

The good news about using the emulator is the fact your computer or mobile device memory will ensure you’ll be able to save as many games as you want. It makes no difference what games you’re after or how many times you want to save your games, memory shouldn’t be an issue.

There are plenty of games you can play, whether you own the old console or you use an online NDS emulator. Some of the best-rated ones include Feel the Magic: XY/XX, Asphalt Urban GT, Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt, Madden NFL 2005, Super Mario 64 DS, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour, among others.

Like the platform itself, certain games were released in certain parts of the world only. If you use an emulator, there will be no restrictions at all.

The console became a hit with its solid marketing as well. In most countries, it was advertised with the word “touch”, as well as words related to it. Throughout its two years of commercialization, Nintendo DS was available in nine different colors, some of them exclusive to certain countries only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any good DS emulators for PC?

Yes, there are several good DS emulators available for PC. Some popular options include DeSmuME, MelonDS, NO$GBA, RetroArch, and Citra. These emulators offer good compatibility, smooth performance, and a wide range of features for playing Nintendo DS games on your computer.

How do I download DS games?

First you need to search for the game you want to play on our website and click on the download link. To play the downloaded game, you will need a DS emulator compatible with your device. Install the emulator, open it, and then select the downloaded game file to start playing.