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Marvel VS Capcom 2

Play the Marvel VS Capcom 2 game online for free. The MAME emulator allows you to play Marvel VS Capcom 2 directly in the browser.


MAME Emulator Controls

  • up arrow
  • down arrow
  • left arrow
  • right arrow
  • X
  • =
  • A
  • Z
  • =
  • B
  • A
  • =
  • L
  • D
  • =
  • R
  • Enterenter button
  • =
  • Start

  • Shiftenter
  • =
  • Select

Play Marvel VS Capcom 2 game online

Unfortunately, not all online emulators have 100% success emulation rate. If this game doesn't load for you you can try one of the alternative emulators below:

NeptunJS(current) | EmulatorJS

Basic Gameplay

The Marvel VS Capcom 2 game is a classic 2D fighting game that is set on a split 2D playing field. Players select a team of three different characters, all hailing from either the world of Marvel Comics or Capcom's roster of video game characters. The goal for the player is to defeat their opponent's characters by using a variety of attacks and special abilities.

Team Management

In Marvel VS Capcom 2, players choose a team of three characters before the start of every match. Each character has a unique set of moves and abilities, so player must strategically pick their team to create a diverse and balanced lineup. During the course of a match, players can call upon their team members to perform assist attacks or swap them into the fight to prevent one character from being defeated.

Assist Attacks

These are performed by characters who are currently not active in the fight. These characters will jump into the battle briefly to perform a special attack before jumping out again. This allows players to capitalize on the unique abilities of their entire team, and not just the character they are currently controlling.

Tag Team Battles

Players can switch characters at any time during the match. This allows for a strategic element, in which a player may want to switch to a character who is more effective against their opponent's current character or pull out a character who has taken a lot of damage to give them time to recover. In this game, when one character's health bar is fully depleted, the next character in the lineup automatically takes their place.

Combo System

Also integral to the gameplay are the combos. These are strings of attacks that can be chained together to deal large amounts of damage. It includes simple combo strings, air combos, and special move cancelations. The game utilizes a chaining combo system where the player can connect normal attacks into each other.

Hyper Combo Meter

There's a Hyper Combo meter which can fill up to a maximum of three levels. This meter fills up as players perform attacks or take damage. It allows the player to perform powerful Hyper Combo attacks, which can deal significant damage or affect the entirety of the playing field.

Stages and Controls

The game is played in a variety of stages, each with their own unique aesthetics and backgrounds. Players use a combination of joystick movements and button presses to control their characters and perform attacks. There are two punch buttons and two kick buttons, as well as a cursor to move around the stage.


In conclusion, Marvel VS Capcom 2 is a fast-paced, action-packed fighting game that encourages strategic team management and skillful execution of combos. Its gameplay is a blend of different elements, from the diverse roster of characters to the detailed stages and dynamic combo system, that make it a thrilling competitive experience.