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New Super Mario Bros.

Play the New Super Mario Bros. game online for free. The NDS emulator allows you to play New Super Mario Bros. directly in the browser.


NDS Emulator Controls

  • up arrow
  • down arrow
  • left arrow
  • right arrow
  • X
  • =
  • A
  • Z
  • =
  • B
  • A
  • =
  • L
  • D
  • =
  • R
  • Enterenter button
  • =
  • Start

  • Shiftenter
  • =
  • Select

Play New Super Mario Bros. game online

Unfortunately, not all online emulators have 100% success emulation rate. If this game doesn't load for you you can try one of the alternative emulators below:

NeptunJS(current) | EmulatorJS | Webretro

Overview of New Super Mario Bros. Game

The New Super Mario Bros. is a popular video game in the Super Mario series developed by Nintendo. The game, which has a multi-player option that allows for competitive and cooperative gameplay, offers players a blend of action and adventure. As expected in any Super Mario series, the primary objective of the player is to navigate through levels to save Princess Peach from the evil Bowser.


The game is structured in the same traditional platform style, with eight worlds each containing a series of stages. The player navigates a world map to select the stage they wish to play. Each stage has an obstacle course filled with enemies and other dangers that the player must skillfully navigate around. The game culminates with a showdown against Bowser in his castle.


Players primarily take on the role of Mario, but there is also the option to play as Luigi and two Toads during multiplayer mode. The characters execute various actions like running, jumping, swimming and fighting with the primary goal of completing levels and overcoming enemies to rescue Princess Peach.

Power-Ups and Coins

New in the Super Mario Bros. series is the inclusion of power-ups, which equips characters with unique abilities. The 'Super Mushroom' transforms the player into a larger size, the 'Fire Flower' allows the player to throw fireballs, the 'Starman' makes the player invincible to enemy attacks for a short time, and the 'Mini Mushroom' shrinks the player to a tiny size. Additionally, there are numerous coins scattered throughout the level, collecting 100 of which gives the player an extra life.

Multiplayer Mode

In multiplayer mode, up to four players can play simultaneously in a cooperative or competitive setting. If playing cooperatively, players work together to complete levels and defeat enemies. If playing competitively, players compete for the most coins and points. Nonetheless, the multiplayer mode provides a unique and enjoyable gaming experience.


The New Super Mario Bros. game is a brilliant mix of traditional Mario gameplay with fresh elements, providing an engaging gaming experience. Its simplicity, along with the exciting challenges it raises, makes the game appealing to both new and experienced gamers. Whether you prefer to play alone or with friends, the game promises a fun-filled experience.