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Pokemon - White Version

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Pokemon - White Version Gameplay

Pokemon - White Version is a role-playing game developed by Game Freak for the Nintendo DS. The gameplay in Pokémon White Version resembles that of its predecessors like the previous games in the series, players are Pokémon trainers who embark on a journey in a wide, virtual world. All along their journey, players need to capture and train creatures known as 'Pokémon' to battle against each other.

Starting the Game

Players start the game by selecting their gender and choosing a character. They are then introduced to their childhood friend who turns out to be their game rival. The gaming journey begins in a small town where the player receives a starter Pokémon from a Pokémon professor. The player has the option to choose one of the three available starter Pokémon - Tepig, Snivy, or Oshawott.

Exploring the Unova Region

Once players have their first Pokémon, they can explore the Unova region. This involves travelling through forests, across oceans and over mountains, battling other trainers, and encountering wild Pokémon. Unova region is different from the previous regions; as it is located far away from them and has been visually designed based on metropolitan New York.

Gym Battles and Pokémon League

Whilst exploring, players have to engage in Gym battles across the region. Each Gym Battle involves facing off against a leader with a specific set of Pokémon. The victory in these battles helps players win badges which are necessary for the ultimate tournament i.e., the Pokémon League. Mechanically, it focuses on the rock-paper-scissors gameplay of Pokémon battling.

Collect and Upgrade Pokémon

The primary goal of the game is to become the very best Pokémon Trainer. Players achieve this by capturing a variety of Pokémon, each with their own unique skills and abilities. There are nearly 150 new Pokémon introduced in Pokémon White Version. Players can also upgrade their Pokémon by battling, which increases their Pokémon’s stats and allows them to learn new moves.

Team Plasma and Legendary Pokémon

Besides the regular gameplay, the game involves an overarching storyline with evil Team Plasma which tries to disturb peace of Unova. Players will encounter these villains multiple times throughout the game and ultimately defeat them. Legendary Pokémon also make a return in Pokémon White Version, offering players the chance to catch incredibly rare and powerful Pokémon.

The Battle Subway and Pokémon Musical

Besides the core gameplay, there are numerous side activities players can enjoy. The Battle Subway allows players to fight against many trainers in a row, testing their skills in a long challenge, whereas the Pokémon Musical is a mini game where a player's Pokémon participate in a musical show, adding a unique and fun side quest.