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Sonic R (U)

Play the Sonic R (U) game online for free. The Sega Saturn emulator allows you to play Sonic R (U) directly in the browser.


Sega Saturn Emulator Controls

  • up arrow
  • down arrow
  • left arrow
  • right arrow
  • X
  • =
  • A
  • Z
  • =
  • B
  • A
  • =
  • L
  • D
  • =
  • R
  • Enterenter button
  • =
  • Start

  • Shiftenter
  • =
  • Select

Play Sonic R (U) game online

Unfortunately, not all online emulators have 100% success emulation rate. If this game doesn't load for you you can try one of the alternative emulators below:

NeptunJS(current) | EmulatorJS

Sonic R (U) Gameplay

Sonic R (U), also known as Sonic Racing, is a racing game designed for the Sega Saturn, which involves Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends competing in various races. You start by selecting a character from the Sonic universe to join the race. All racers have unique abilities that can help win races, such as Sonic's trademark super speed, Tails' ability to fly, or Knuckles' gliding and climbing abilities. The game consists of five distinct courses set in a 3D world with different terrains, ranging from lush green fields to icy mountains.

Race Modes

The game consists mainly of two modes: Grand Prix and Time Trial. In Grand Prix, the player competes against computer-controlled characters in four races. The goal is to finish each race in the top three positions to proceed to the next race. Points are allocated based on the position in which you finish the race. The racer with the most points at the end of all races wins the Grand Prix. Time Trial mode, on the other hand, is all about setting the fastest time. You'll race alone on the course, trying to complete it in the shortest time possible.


Sonic R (U) also features collectibles spread across the courses. They include rings, Chaos Emeralds, and Sonic Tokens. Rings can be used to open special doors during races, revealing shortcuts or Sonic Tokens. Sonic Tokens, on the other hand, offers a chance to unlock secret characters if the player finishes the race in a good position. Collecting all Chaos Emeralds and winning the race transforms Sonic into Super Sonic, who is faster and invincible.

Weather Conditions

Another interesting aspect of Sonic R (U) is the impact of weather conditions on races. Depending on the course, players may find themselves racing under sunny, rainy, or snowy conditions, each bringing its own set of challenges. Rain, for instance, can make the road slippery, affecting maneuverability. The game’s dynamic weather conditions add an unpredictable twist to the races, making for a more exciting and immersive gaming experience.


Finally, Sonic R (U) allows for multiplayer competition in addition to single-player mode. In multi-player mode, two to four players can compete against each other in split-screen races. This makes the game a perfect choice for competitive gaming sessions with friends.


In conclusion, Sonic R (U) is a fast-paced, fun and challenging racing game that successfully combines elements of the traditional Sonic games with the thrill of racing. Its diverse range of characters, dynamic weather, collectibles, and multiplayer mode make it an engaging and replayable choice for fans of Sonic and racing games alike.