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Top 10 Pokémon Fan Made Games and ROM Hacks

Top 10 Pokémon Fan Made Games and ROM Hacks

The gaming industry has been dominated by one of the largest and most renowned franchises for over two decades. It offers a plethora of characters, storylines, games, and endless possibilities to fans worldwide.

Interestingly, fans have also discovered methods to develop versions of some of the most popular games. These unique games preserve the essence of the main Pokémon games while exploring paths that have not been embarked upon by the franchise's designers. Though it requires technical knowledge to make changes, but you can play these games by downloading Pokémon ROM hacks.

Despite Nintendo's unplugging and discontinuation of various such projects, many new and exhilarating features and mechanics have been incorporated into several Pokemon ROM hacks that alter the traditional gaming experience. For those who want to relive their favorite games or discover new ones, here are a few Pokemon ROM hacks definitely worth trying.

Best Pokemon Rom Hacks Rated

Pokemon AshGray

Based on the classic Fire Red, Pokemon AshGray gives you the opportunity to play as Ash Ketchum. The storyline is familiar and won’t bring in anything new. Ash fails to get his first Pokemon, so he’s stuck with Pikachu. And that’s when the action begins…

You'll be pleasantly surprised to see short videos from official movies too. Feel free to collect all the Pokemon you can think of, but you won't be able to use all of them. The gameplay experience won’t disappoint either.

Pokemon Unbound

While not the most famous Pokemon ROM hack out there, many fans consider Pokemon Unbound to be the best and most detailed experience. It brings in the traditional RPG experience, but also a deep level of customization. More importantly, you’re in an open-world environment.

In other words, every player will have a unique experience.

Each day is unique because there are different quests on a daily basis. Moreover, there are monthly rewards for the most active users, similar to what you’ll get in the mobile game. The ROM hack is also available on mobile devices, so these rewards are perfect.

Pokemon Clover

Pokemon Clover is based on Fire Red, but there’s almost nothing to remind you of the original game. This game takes creativity to another level because it feels like it’s been redesigned from scratch. There are almost no elements associated with the original.

Pokemon Clover won’t make sense to everyone. You’ll have to be a die-hard fan to understand all the inside jokes. In fact, some of the jokes can be considered offensive by today's soft generation. As for the gameplay, it's pretty classic.

Pokemon Dark Rising

If you always hate games ending just as you start falling in love with them, Pokemon Dark Rising is the ideal solution. It's one of the most narrative-driven hacks out there and will provide an immersive experience, well deep into the actual storyline.

All these things have turned Pokemon Dark Rising into a cult, with three games in the series.

The storyline is not the only great thing about Pokemon Dark Rising. The gameplay will pleasantly surprise you too. As for the amount of Pokemon, there are lots of creatures you can collect and train. The ROM hack brings in Pokemon from pretty much any generation.

Pokemon Glazed

Based on the Emerald version, Pokemon Glazed puts you in the main character’s shoes just as he turns 12. At this point, you’re allowed to choose your first Pokemon. But at the same time, danger hides around the corner, as an evil force is about to destroy your world.

Your role is to bring peace, and that involves meeting and interacting with lots of unusual teams and characters. You'll find enemies, but you'll also make unexpected friends.

To some, this ROM hack is basically an improved version of the Emerald game. More variety, new skills, extra items, better maps, and so on… However, you'll find more regions, as well as five different starters to choose from. The original version only gives you access to three starters.

Pokemon Brown

Pokemon Brown is yet another ROM hack based on the Red version of the game. This time, you’ll start your adventure in the industrial area of Rijon. The serious industrialization age has brought in five new types of Pokemon.

Overall, there are 73 new Pokemon developed by fans, apart from the 151 classic ones.

If you’ve already played other types of Pokemon ROM hacks, this one may seem a bit outdated. It’s because it represents one of the first ROM hacks on the market.

Newer releases have changed and evolved a lot. But then, it’s totally worth it if you’re a big Pokemon fan or you’d like to discover the beginning.

Pokemon Prism

It's highly recommended to play Pokemon Brown before trying out this ROM hack. As the story reaches an end and you start feeling sad, Pokemon Prism kicks in to pick up where the original game left off. Simple as that, it’s a ROM hack that feels like a sequel.

The action begins in Naljo, and as you overcome all obstacles, you are free to return to Rijon. Certain areas in the game can only be explored by Pokemon. Furthermore, there are 28 extra Pokemon available in Naljo.

Pokemon Light Platinum

Big fan of Pokemon Ruby? This is the perfect ROM hack, then. You'll clearly notice some improvements. Graphics are much better, but you can also explore the Zhery area, which wasn’t available in the original game.

As a direct result, there are plenty of new rivals, champions, and elite enemies. Plus, you'll find Pokemon from different areas as well, and you can catch all of them. Special events are not to be overlooked either.

Pokemon Dark Cry

Pokemon Dark Cry offers one of the most complex storylines out there. You'll wake up in a cave, and nothing seems to make sense around you. There are two people around, and they talk about a shadow plate… Weird, right?

There’s no Pokemon around you. Then, you wake up again and realize it was just a bad dream. You check the time, you’re late… You rush, but as time flies, you realize that dream wasn’t actually a dream, but a reality.

The game also allows visiting a brand new region and features a plethora of different daily missions and quests.

Pokemon Phoenix Rising

This ROM hack is so good that most people would say it’s an original release. Most fans consider it to be the most relevant hack out there. The action takes place in Hawthorne and offers a classic Pokemon experience. As for the storyline, it slowly unveils based on your actual decisions.

From many points of view, this release is similar to modern RPGs. Other than that, you’ll discover a new type of creature, not to mention mega evolutions and competitions. Unlike other ROM hacks, this one’s updated on a regular basis, so there’s always some new content kicking in.

Bottom line

The Pokémon franchise has a huge fan base who have taken it upon themselves to create unique fan-made games and ROM hacks. These ROM hacks are perfect if you’re a fan of Pokemon and want to experience something new. You never know what you'll find while exploring these brand-new game worlds.